Cosmetic Surgery Trends For 2020: More Facial Beauty, Naturalness And ‘Madeselfwoman / Man’

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, the discussion seems to be growing more and more every day, since not only does the flow of information increase, but the demand grows. More treatments are requested, both within and outside of South America, not only in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterventions carried out in the operating room, the surgery itself, but also in less invasive techniques carried out in clinics.

The truth is that either it is a breast augmentation or a simple botox filler, it is commented, especially if the person who has done it is a famous person. If it is an anonymous person, it may be that after putting yourself in the hands of an aesthetic professional, your number of online followers will increase.

This is the first trend that the sector will experience in 2020. Cosmetic surgery will increase in popularity, and it will not only be thanks to the ubiquitous selfies, but also to the good results obtained by professionals in the sector.

According to the doctor, social networks can contribute to “word of mouth,” but they would not increase demand if behind them were not found a sector that makes an effort to adapt to social reality.

In this sense, aesthetic medicine will see its demand grow in some areas such as facial beauty, to the detriment of the operations themselves. For the director of the Clinic, it is logical that both professionals and patients bet on faster and cheaper treatments, which involve less surgical risk, although their results are not as long-lasting as those obtained in traditional surgery. An example is a facial mesotherapy, the famous beauty cocktails for the face, which depending on age and skin type, allow to identify, illuminate, hydrate, and, ultimately, rejuvenate through an injection of few, if not zero, side effects.

He warns, however, that aesthetic medicine, at a certain age, must be administered as a complement to surgery because it is then time to work on rejuvenation from deep structures, and that can only be done in the operating room, under general anesthesia, and with more complex procedures.

Naturalness will continue to be the goal, regardless of the extravagances of this diva or that actor. The doctor comments that XXL breast or lip sizes are being requested less and less, not to mention buttocks, where the procedure such as Brasilian Butt Lift has been causing health and safety problems depending on the volume of increase that is requested. It seems, then, that the Kardashian butt has gone out of fashion in a more or less obligatory way.

They will continue to be the queens in the cosmetic surgery demand. Although they are joining little by little, the proportion of men and women who go to clinics to improve their appearance is still 70% compared to 30%.

It is possible that it is not possible to get off the podium if we talk about female surgeries, to operations related to the breast: augmentation, elevation, and reduction. The latter, discreet in the media, is the third most demanded in South America, due to the physical and self-esteem problems that an excessively large breast produces.

Male blepharoplasty, an intervention that corrects bags under the eyes and other contour problems, will continue, with its also usual media discretion, occupying important places in the rankings, compared to other procedures of great popularity but lower demand such as hair grafting.

Finally, concepts such as the madeselfwoman or madeselfman will continue to appear, now referring to those who are changing their own face and body with cosmetic surgery. The trends of sharing the “before and after” will continue or not, as before with weight loss. It will be seen.

What will not be lacking will be the desire to look better, to overcome physical complexes, and, always, since man is in the world, to slow down as time goes by. In all the aforementioned cases, it will be plastic, aesthetic, and repairing surgeon to whom you should go.