Natural Beauty: Trends In Non-Invasive Aesthetic Medicine For A Luminous Face

From the “what did you do?” to “you’re pretty.” From the “frozen” faces and the “surprised” looks to the “you look rested.” In the middle, the advances of aesthetic medicine, which today offer alternatives to mitigate the passage of time much less invasive and with natural results.

That the hand of the surgeon or the beautician is noticed on the patient’s face is no longer a trend. Less is more also applies to this area, and currently, women and men seek to look good without their environment, noticing that they did something.

Today it is also known that the sooner you begin to care for the facial tissues, the better the results will be, and the fewer the chances of having to resort to surgical options that involve more radical changes in the future.

There was a time when it was usual to look a person in the face and suddenly not recognize their face. He hadn’t had surgery, but his gaze wasn’t the same, his smile wasn’t the same. A filler had been applied to correct those little wrinkles that bothered him so much, but the result was not as expected. Today that changed.

One of the best treatments that are most performed by leading rhinoplasty experts worldwide at the level of the face is the application of botulinum toxin; however it continues to be heard that there are people who are afraid of using it because there is still the ghost of the treatments that were done when Its use began, the result of which was “froze” or very rigid faces. What botulinum toxin does is inhibit the action of the muscle; therefore all it does is relax some muscles that produce wrinkles such as the periocular area or the area between the eyebrows., which give an appearance of permanent anger in some people who reinforced that it is one of the most widely performed aesthetic treatments in the world and also has multiple medical indications such as axillary hyperhidrosis, but specifically in aesthetics it is one of those that most gratify both the patient and the doctor for its results.

The Lifting Of The Future

With a technology based on microfocalized ultrasonic energy capable of reaching the deepest layers of the skin, Ultherapy is positioned as one of the star treatments in the fight against age.

It is used to lift cheekbones and eyebrows or eliminate the dreaded double chin. It has also been proven effective against sagging neck or cleavage, which are often difficult to treat areas.

When the objective is to improve appearance, it can be indicated at almost any age, but it is generally performed more frequently in middle-aged people.

The truth is that stress and the passage of time are reflected in the skin of the face. And the loss of tonicity is one of the characteristics that is most easily revealed.

Consultations in aesthetic medicine, at the facial level, are aimed at treating wrinkles, flaccidity, spots, enlarged pores, and other problems. This is why, according to the specialist’s advice, “a comprehensive facial rejuvenation scheme requires thinking that aging is a multifactorial problem.”…