Questions Asked During Rhinoplasty Recovery

After rhinoplasty surgery, the plastic surgeon usually provides a series of instructions related to the care that you should have during the first 24 hours after the procedure, in the next three days, and of course, a few weeks after this intervention.

What Types Of  Foods Should I Avoid?

Unquestionably avoid foods that require heavy chewing, such as tough meat, marshmallows, or pork rinds, in the same way, try to consume soft foods that you can enjoy with minimal effort, in order to avoid sudden movements that can hurt your nose when chew.

Should I control My Facial Expressions?

Try not to laugh too hard, have wide or too pronounced smiles so that your nose does not suffer from vibrations or sudden stretching.

How To Take Care Of The Sun?

It is best not to expose yourself to it for about 60 days after the operation. Do not expose your skin without protection for three months after surgery, and remember to use sunscreen daily even if the day is dark.

What Care Should I Have During The Winter?

It is possible to experience frostbite if you are exposed to freezing temperatures for a long time during activities such as skiing; both the sun and the cold of winter are the natural enemies of the skin and prolong the usual course of recovery. So avoid low temperatures and expose yourself to the cold outside.

Can I Get A Piercing After Rhinoplasty?

Yes, but keep in mind that the placement of a piercing after rhinoplasty can be done after the nose has completely healed in order to avoid infections and secondary problems. The time to use a piercing will be determined by your plastic surgeon, depending on the success of your recovery.

During Recovery, Is It Better To Wear Contact Lenses Or Regular Glasses?

First of all, sunglasses should be avoided for a month; Now, if you have prescription contact lenses, you can wear them one week after the operation.

In case it is absolutely necessary to wear glasses, you can put them on while wearing the splint; once it is removed, you can put on your glasses by resting them on your cheeks or using dressings, for at least seven more weeks, until your nose is fully recovering.